Purpose: The Federal Capital Planning and Investment Control (FCPIC) Forum Awards Program was established in 2007, as set forth in the FCPIC Forum Charter. It is designed to encourage support for the Mission and Goals of the Forum by recognizing outstanding individual and organizational achievements and contributions in capital planning and related areas (Enterprise Architecture (Ea), Portfolio Management (PfM) and Earned Value Management(EVM)), and for promoting and supporting the Forum.

Program Description: The FCPIC Forum Awards Program is run annually, in conjunction with the yearly Conference. A call for nominations is broadcast and an awards committee is established to review submissions and make final selections. Nominations are submitted via this link and must be received by the deadline. In addition to the listed awards, the awards committee also has the capability to provide special recognition awards as warranted. Conversely, if no nominations meet criteria in a category, an award will not be made.

Awards: Consist of the FCPIC Forum Award Certificate and accompanying desktop or wall plaque. Winners are also recognized in an award ceremony at the conference and via a conference press release and website posting.

Participation: Membership in the FCPIC Forum is not a prerequisite for the awards program. Any individuals or organizations working in or supporting Federal CPIC processes or the related areas may be nominated. There is no limit on the number of categories an individual or organization may be nominated for. See the Awards worksheet for categories.

Submissions: Nominations should be submitted on the form provided at the conference web site. Please limit nominations to 500 words (about a page). The nomination should address only achievements covering the period since the last FCPIC conference (March 2012). A strong nomination will address both common award criteria and highlight contributions in the area specific to the award.